image (1) (640x437) Just as we take a step toward Master H reaching another right of passage, another one pops up. And I am once again caught in a back and forth mental struggle, worrying about where he should be for his age according to those ‘experts’ and where he actually is, to not really caring, knowing full well he will get there in his own time.

After a proud moment last winter where Master H skipped up the stairs declaring “poo” sat down on the toilet and did just that and then proceeded to wipe, flush, wash his hands and give me a triumphant hi 5 on the way out, there was a slow decline in his enthusiasm to use the toilet. I told myself that there was no rush (at the time he was only just creeping toward his second birthday)

“I will wait until summer and then start again” I promised myself.

Summer came and went with a few sporadic successes but it never seemed to stick.

It was not until I was having lunch with a friend (whose son was born on the same day as Master H and who had been sleeping with no nappy from the age of 2) that she asked me how Master H was going with his toilet training. At whichpoint I launched into a long justification; that there are still two sizes higher in nappies at the store and after that there were adult sizes. And if he reached adulthood still sporting the nappy he could find himself one of those nice girls with a fetish for men who dress up as babies.

Then I realised maybe I should take it all a little more seriously, without of course making Master H feel ashamed at his attachment to said nappy. After much persistence, encouragement and bribery Master H is now a pro at weeing on the toilet. However when it comes to the task of number 2s he flat out refuses. Going and fetching me a nappy when he needs to go.  In all honesty I am at a loss at what to do. We have spent hour’s discussing all the other people he knows who poo on the toilet. Having him come into the bathroom while myself or my Partner go.Role playing, where he will take

image (478x640) (2)

each of his teddies up to the toilet and pretend that they are doing a poo and then follow the ritual, even giving each teddy

a high five and a sticker. Only to get to teddy number 20 (I have no idea why he has so many teddies) all who have successfully done an “air poo” on the toilet, for me to the say “ All your Teddies did poos on the toilet, Mummy, Daddy, Ya Yah

and Gramps do poos on thetoilet, will you do poos on the toilet?” At which Master H laughed in my face decla

ring “Silly Mummy I do poos in my nappy” Sigh!!!

So I guess I just persist, then one day it will just click and I will look back on this time with the same half smile on my face that I have with all his other transitions to boy hood, gently mocking myself for getting so caught up in entire process.