Meet Hannah!!

Hi everyone, meet the newest member to the Willow & The Owl team…my friend Hannah!!! She is a fun, young mum with a little boy who loves to write and has worked with children for many years. Hannah has lots of funny stories to share along with the usual adventures of everyday life as a mother so she is sure to keep us entertained. Keep an eye out for her regular blogs and join in the fun, feel free to ask questions and show your support…welcome Hannah ♥


So it seems Christmas is we064_optll and truly over for another year and we all survived.

Three Christmases ago I was a new mum with a new plan. I was going to become a ‘Stepford’ mum.  I would be organised to the point of irritation to those around me.  I would be the kind of mum who made Christmas decorations out of Plaster of Paris with my son’s hand print on them and I would send them off, elegantly gift wrapped, to relatives and close friends. Attached would be a Christmas card with a family photo of all four if us in Christmas hats; me, my partner, my son and the cat. Yes, this year things were going to get DIY.

So when December rolled around and I realised I had not enough energy to wash my hair let alone put a hat on it and pose for a photo, I promised next year that my transformation to ‘Stepford’ mum would begin. The first Christmas, Master H was an arm-flailing, cute, little blob of a thing, who true to everyone’s advice enjoyed the wrapping paper more than the gifts inside. The following year began and ended in a blur and although I had not yet experienced my transformation from ‘store- bought present mummy’ to ‘Pinterest-posting mummy’, I was excited that this year Master H would get the idea of Christmas; Santa coming down the chimney and all that. In reality, the water play table we bought Master H with cute little pirate inspired toys and a water fountain in the middle caused more pain than pleasure. After two hours of drilling and screwing we filled it with water, sat back and readied ourselves to watch the pleasure on Master H’s face as he spent hours splashing… Reality – 10 minutes later, all the figurines had been thrown off our deck and some foreign object had been jammed into the pump, preventing water from getting into the fountain.

As 2013 began I swore this year was the year, Martha Stewart look out! So as the months whizzed by in a blur of tantrums and attempted toilet training, I found myself in Target for the June toy sales where my partner pointed out a trampoline which would be fun for all involved. Feeling rather full of pride at how organised we would be to get Master H’s present sorted well before Christmas. Along with the added bonus that maybe a trampoline would wear out Master H out enough that we could start 2014 with a child who actually slept through the night.  I said “Yes, great idea and that will be it. No more toys – a trampoline for a 2 and a half year old is plenty.” So as I sat up the night before Christmas surrounded by a mountain of torn up wrapping paper and sticky tape stuck to the couch, the table, my hair. A big frazzle of pre-Christmas stress, I wondered how did I get here with a mammoth pile of toys that needed to be wrapped so that in 7 hours’ time, Harlan would tear all the paper off and leave me in the same mess I was currently in?

image (1)_opt

So once again I find myself making the same promises to myself.  This year I will become the mum I always fantasised being. I will buy potential presents as I see them throughout the year. I will have a special box all green, red and sparkly and inside I will place any little treasures I find. I will buy a label maker and label each treasure with the names of potential recipients. I will collect recipe ideas and put them into a pretty booklet in order of course; entree, main etc. I will alphabetise them and cross reference them with their cultural background. I will make wrapping paper out of natural fibres, and hell why not, I will make my own Christmas tree out of abstract pieces of timber and foliage. ?!? Well we will see.

What is Christmas like in your household?

Fitted sheets sorted!

How to fold a fitted sheet sheet!!

2014-01-31 005-vert_opt

Ok so I am cheating alittle by showing you with a fitted cot sheet but
it’s what I make and fold each day HOWEVER this technique can be
used on all of your fitted sheets and its super easy.

First you take your clean bundle of mess and find the two corners at one
end. Holding them from the outside (pretty side) place them inside the
corners at the opposite end and give it a little shake to smooth it all out.

Next you take your two corners from the top right outside and tuck them into
the nook (love that word) of the left hand corners, another little shake
should get it looking like this step of the picture.

Then I fold in each end before folding that over on itself again to get a
semi neat rectangle and voila…your fitted sheet looks like a nice neatly
folded…well…sheet ☺








4 Cup Coconut Cake Recipe


I am a terrible cook… (actually it’s a running joke amongst family and friends just how bad I am) so when my best friend B told me about this yummy treat which was SO easy to put together I adopted it as my own and make it at least once a week.

The kids love to help and if someone is popping over I can throw it into the oven while I whirlwind around the house tidying….it’s ready for when they arrive, the house smells like a domestic goddess resides within and did I mention it’s EASY!!!



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