How to fold a fitted sheet sheet!!

2014-01-31 005-vert_opt

Ok so I am cheating alittle by showing you with a fitted cot sheet but
it’s what I make and fold each day HOWEVER this technique can be
used on all of your fitted sheets and its super easy.

First you take your clean bundle of mess and find the two corners at one
end. Holding them from the outside (pretty side) place them inside the
corners at the opposite end and give it a little shake to smooth it all out.

Next you take your two corners from the top right outside and tuck them into
the nook (love that word) of the left hand corners, another little shake
should get it looking like this step of the picture.

Then I fold in each end before folding that over on itself again to get a
semi neat rectangle and voila…your fitted sheet looks like a nice neatly
folded…well…sheet ☺